January Updates (January 2019)

January Updates (January 2019)
Posted on 01/18/2019

Dear LS Community Members,

While students are taking exams, here are some key updates for you!

A proposed FY20 Budget carrying all current programs and staffing plus one new academic program was presented to School Committee on December 10. (Budget Presentation to the School Committee). The proposed budget exceeds town budget guidance in the amount of $738,798. Recommendations on how to address this gap, including reductions to expense lines and staffing will be presented to the School Committee at its meeting this Tuesday, January 22 at 7:30 pm in Conference Room B. Please attend the meeting on 1/22/19 to learn more about the FY20 budget.

The LS School Committee will then next hold its annual FY20 Budget Public Hearing on Tuesday, February 5 at 7:30 pm in Conference Room B to receive further public input. This public hearing will be prior to the school committee taking a vote to approve the proposed budget for FY20.

ASPEN will soon replace iPASS as the LS student information management system. LS utilized a ‘train-the-trainer’ model to facilitate this transition. A group of staff across all departments underwent full day trainings to be able to train all remaining staff in the building. Staff will transition to Aspen January 22. Students will have access to ASPEN at the start of second semester. More information is forthcoming.

LS School District and School Committee continue to evaluate start time implementation as it relates to teenagers and sleep. Following the seminal Tri-District meeting at LS Library that covered this topic in October 2015, a sub-committee comprised of LS School Committee members, LS Staff and community members was formed to discuss the topic. The summary report, “Teen Sleep and School Start Time” informed by these discussions, research and surveys taken by students, staff and community members can be found here.

We are currently awaiting results of a traffic study to help us decide how to plan for changes to start time. Additionally, LS Start Time Subcommittee had its initial meeting on 1/2/19 and its next meeting was on 1/16/19. This subcommittee will meet regularly and will present implementation options to the LS School Committee later this year.


Bella Wong