Bus Routes

Lincoln and Sudbury families - those that NEED bus transportation, please REGISTER by completing the following steps:
1. Review the stop locations listed on the respective routes (Lincoln or Sudbury) and select the closest stop to your home.

2. Complete the Google form and reference your selected Bus Route Number in the Google Registration Form  [Example: in the Google form under the drop-down menu for Bus Route Number select - Lincoln A]

3. Click SUBMIT at the bottom of Google form
Boston families - will be assigned routes developed by METCO to ensure safest and timely stops to LSRHS and will be communicated directly with families as well as posted here for reference.

LINCOLN Bus Routes SY21-22 8.17.21-3.pdf

SUDBURY Bus Routes SY 21-22 8-17-21.pdf

Sudbury LS Route 24 - Corrected PM stop times

Sudbury LS Route 26 - Updated Stops 9-8-21

Sudbury LS Route 18 - Updated Stops 9-22-21

Sudbury LS Route 22 - Updated Stops 9-22-21

Sudbury LS Route 23 - Updated Stops 9-22-21

Sudbury LS Route 25 and 27-Updated AM Times 9-22-21

METCO 2021-2022 LS bus routes, stops ONLY.pdf

FirstView Routing App information:

Registering with School Code ONLY - Self Guided Tools for Bus Tracking App

Parent Notification FirstView App - 2021-22

FirstView Bus Tracking App Notification and LS School code