Divorce Basics


Instructed by Tiffany Bentley and David Raymon

Perhaps no other legal issues are as emotionally difficult as divorce and custody disputes, touching on the most personal aspects of our daily lives, finances, and relationships. The burden can be lessened by understanding the process, and your rights and obligations. We'll cover how to start an action for divorce, strategies to keep yourself and your children financially safe and protected, custody/visitation issues, dividing marital assets, alimony, and the impact of prenuptial and postnuptial agreements. We'll review the different legal standards and presumptions that apply when parents are married versus unmarried and when guardians ad litem may be needed. You'll learn how to strategically decide your timing, what to anticipate throughout the process, and how life might look after the court grants the divorce. Anonymous participation is possible. A packet of materials will be distributed prior to class. No Senior/Staff Discount. Tiffany Bentley has spent her entire legal career with the Private Client Group at Burns & Levinson, primarily focused on all aspects of Probate and Family Court litigation. Tiffany is also experienced in estate planning as well as estate and trust administration. David Raymon is an attorney in the firm’s Private Client and Trusts & Estates Groups. Dave is a JD/CPA. He advises clients on tax and non-tax aspects of their estate planning, fiduciary duty actions, and other probate and trust-related controversies.