Enjoy your summer! (June 2019)

Enjoy your summer! (June 2019)
Posted on 06/20/2019
Dear LS Students and Families,

Teachers had their last official day yesterday and almost all of our students are done as well but for a few  athletic events. Our Boys’ Baseball Team had a great and strong run for the state championship that ended last night in Lowell during the semi-final game contest. Two state championship games remain: Boys’ Lacrosse at 4 pm in Quincy on Friday afternoon and Girls’ Rugby at 2 pm at Curry College on Saturday!

At the close of the 2019-2020 school year, we begin professional development and planinng for the next school year.  Many teachers and administrators will be in through the summer to participate in various workshops related to this training and collaborative work.  My office, finance and operations, student services, the main office staff and buildings and grounds work through the summer but our receptionist does not.

So here is some guidance about access to LS during the summer.

All student key card access cards will be turned off June 24 through August 20, 2019.  All doors to the building will be locked all day beginning June 24th.  There will be no one to buzz in visitors during any week day after June 26 and before August 19.  Signage will be posted on the exterior doors to let people know how to make an appointment to come into school.

The doors by the fitness center will be monitored by staff responsible for monitoring that use during the summer as needed. Fall coaches will work with Art Reilly to allow safe access during pre-season.

Come cheer for the two teams heading toward state championship finals if you can. Enjoy a wonderful summer!

Bella Wong