Happy April Break (April 2018)

Happy April Break
Posted on 04/14/2018

Dear LS Families and Students,

I must say I think the break from school that is before us is well deserved and much appreciated! Although we had so many days off from school — four (!) in the month of March…it gave us fewer school days to finish what needed to be done anyway. Although there is still quite a chill in the air I am happy to announce, formally, the last official day of school for students (who aren’t seniors) will be June 22. Since we used up our five scheduled snow days already, any additional cancellations do not need to be made up this school year.

I know many students have heard and are hearing about another round of college admissions. We keep our fingers crossed for you as you wait for those last notices! And I know many students will be around for practices through the break. And, of course, we have classmates enjoying Spain and Italy as I type.

Personally, I have a junior in the household and will be embarking on a round of college tours. We will start in Pittsburgh and end up finishing in upstate New York with eight schools in between. For those of who have done this already — you know how it is! For those of you who are doing it, too, maybe I will run into you! For those of you for which this is to come, well…you will know soon enough!

Due to interest expressed by students we have opened up enrollment for the April 2019 trip to Iceland to rising 10th, 11th and 12th graders. The link is: www.eftours.com/2123867DK. People who enroll by May 15 are eligible for a raffle for a $300 discount. Current price holds until June 15.

Wherever you might be next week — I hope you enjoy it!

Bella Wong