Importance of Social Distancing

Importance of Social Distancing
Posted on 03/18/2020
Dear Students, Families and Staff,

I have received several inquiries to offer more guidance about what we, personally, can and should be doing to establish effective implementation of social distancing to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in our community. It is because behaviors contrary to existing guidance are being observed. The recommendation to practice personal social distancing applies to each and every one of us because none of us is immune. Any one of us can become infected and become a carrier.

There remains one known presumptive positive case of COVID-19 in Sudbury. However, symptoms of COVID-19 can take 4-5 days or longer to appear, and some who are infected are asymptomatic. That means there is no absolutely ‘safe’ way to interact socially and protect each other from possible infection. In order to mitigate the spread of infection in our community we have to act in away that assumes we don’t know who is infected or not.

Closure of schools and prohibition of large gatherings is incredibly disruptive and isolating. To circumvent these measures by continuing to socially congregate even among friends and other people we are otherwise familiar with will undermine these efforts we have painfully sought to implement. I know this is very tempting to ignore since school is not in session.

Exercising social distancing is really challenging. It can be lonely and boring. We miss seeing our friends and loved ones! But the uncomfortable disruption we are enduring now will come to naught unless we commit to it all together with extreme fidelity. It is indeed a personal sacrifice we are each making. It is a sacrifice we must make to help keep our community as safe as possible. It is not just about you but IS about everyone else.

If you do decide to meet up with a friend, maintain a distance of 6 feet when together. Do not share food or drink or items between you! If either of you are feeling ill you shouldn’t try to meet up at all!

Even casual games involving contact or shared touching of a ball or other materials/equipment is not recommended at this time.

Here is what we can each be doing:

Go outside, enjoy a walk or hike when we can.
Otherwise stay home.
Stay in touch and check on one other through electronic means.
Refrain from visiting large community spaces unless necessary.
Buy food and other necessities, as you need to.
Here is a useful link that describes the following terms within the context of our current situation: quarantine, social distancing, and close contact.

Every family should consider a plan for if a family member needs to be quarantined. Continue to monitor yourself for symptoms. Educate yourself about what the symptoms are and what you should be doing. Keep yourselves informed.


Bella Wong