L-S Remote Learning Academy 2020-2021
Posted on 07/31/2020
Dear Lincoln-Sudbury Students and Families,

The MA Department of Elementary and Secondary Education is requiring all schools in the Commonwealth to offer a fully remote learning option for students whose families choose not to send them physically to school in the 2020-2021 school year. Lincoln-Sudbury’s all-remote option is L-S Remote Learning Academy, or LSRLA. Students who are enrolled in LSRLA will be part of L-S, but will be enrolled in separate classes that will be delivered 100% remotely. Students will enroll in LSRLA on a semester-by-semester basis. While LSRLA is designed to serve those students and families whose health conditions leave them at high risk during the pandemic, all LSRHS families can choose to enroll their children in LSRLA.

If you are interested in learning more about LSRLA, and exploring whether it is right for your family, please explore these resources:

Here is an overview of LSRLA you can listen to as an 8-minute screencast. The Google Slides presentation is redundant with the screencast, and is posted as an easy-to-scan resource.

Screencast LSRLA Overview

Presentation: LSRLA Overview

Here is a set of anticipated questions and answers. If you have a question which is not answered on this sheet, please submit your questions using the further questions form, rather than replying to this email. We will monitor this form and answer your questions, sharing information with everyone as appropriate.

Anticipated Questions with Answers

Further Questions Form

Additionally, we will hold a question and answer session via Google Meet on Monday, August 3, from 7-8pm. Joining information will be forthcoming.

The deadline to enroll in LSRLA is Thursday, August 6, 2020. Students not enrolled in LSRLA will be automatically scheduled in LSRHS classes. To enroll, use this enrollment form, please fill out one form per student using this enrollment form.

LSRLA Enrollment Form

We are thinking all of you and wishing you well.


Virginia Blake

Coordinator of Curriculum, Scheduling and Assessment