Cards4Senior Citizens Monthly Program needs vols

Cards4Senior Citizens Monthly Program needs vols
Posted on 03/02/2018
Cards4Seniors: Monthly Card Program for Sudbury Meals on Wheels

Help brighten the day of a senior citizen with a hand-made card AND earn community service credit. Through a new partnership with the Sudbury Senior Center, LS students can earn an hour of community service credit by making two cards per month, for two months, for senior citizens who receive Meals on Wheels delivery. Each subsequent four cards/two months’ donation will earn an hour. Here is what you need to do:
Create a colorful and detailed card that you would be proud to give to your own grandparents. Check out the poster outside the Community Service office or for examples.

Inside the card include a note that is 4-5 sentences long – preferably typed up to make it easier to read – that provides information about you. Examples can be found on but here are some topics to get you thinking:
o Talk about your extracurricular activities. Do you participate in sports? In theater? In a club? Do you volunteer?

What do you like most about it? Why is that the thing that you choose to do?
o What is/was your favorite vacation or camp destination? Why? Talk about what you did on that trip and/or something new that you ate.

o If you have one, what is your favorite class/subject? What is it about the class/subject that interests you?

o Do you have a pet? Talk about your pet and include a funny story about something they did/do.

o Do you work? If so, where and what do you do there?

o Are you a graduating senior? Where will you go to college and what will you study? What did you select that major and what do you hope to do with the degree when you graduate?

To ensure you get credit, please include the following information on the card:
o First Name, Last Initial

o Your “house” and graduation year written as follows:

EH19 for East House Class of 2019
WH20 for West House Class of 2020

Once you’ve created TWO of these fabulously interesting cards, drop them off in the box in the MLK AP Community Service office
Because these cards will bring so much joy to senior citizens who are unable to get out of the house very often, we hope that you won’t stop at just four cards and will create two cards each month based on that month’s theme.

Visit for more information.