Frequently Asked Questions

May I use the driveway in front of the school to drop off and pick up my child?
No, this area is restricted for use by handicapped school buses and for emergency personnel access. Please refer to the parking lot map for the designated drop off and pick up area.

Where do I park if I am visiting or volunteering at the school? 
Visitor parking is located in front of the school parallel to Lincoln Rd. If visitor parking is full, parking in the student/staff lot is acceptable. If a ticket is received, turn it in to the main office where it will be taken care of.

Parking in Handicapped Designated Spots requires a special plate or tag

May I park in the fire lane in front of the school to pick up my child for an appointment or to run in and drop something off? 

What is the parking policy for students bringing cars to school? 
Eleventh and twelfth grade students parking on school grounds MUST have a parking permit obtained from Jamie Silberzweig in North House. Students MUST already have a valid driver's license to apply. Students with permits MUST park in designated student parking areas. Students may NEVER park in visitor spaces, the bus loop, or fire lanes. Students may park in staff spaces AFTER 3 p.m. Students without parking permits must park at Featherland Park only, regardless of weather conditions. For more details, please refer to the parking map given to students when their parking application is approved.

Where do I pick up my child for whom I have arranged a dismissal? 
Since parking is prohibited in the fire lane in front of the school we recommend that the parent park in a visitor spot until their child comes out if they are sick or injured. Otherwise, pick up is in the usual area.

My child wants to take Driver's Ed this year, is it offered at the school? 
Christos Driving School rents space in the L-S auditorium to conduct Driver's Ed classes. For more information please contact Christos Driving School at 1-508-481-6384. Applications are available in the main office for your convenience.

What do I need to do if I am visiting or have an appointment at the school? 
Anyone entering the school must sign in and sign out at the main office.

I am an L-S alumni, what is the procedure for me to visit my former teachers? 
You must obtain permission from your former associate principal to see if it is a convenient time. Prior contact with the staff you are visiting is also highly recommended. When you arrive please sign in at the main office and sign out when you leave.

My child wants to bring a visitor (friend/relative) to school, what is the procedure? 
This must be pre-arranged with the student's associate principal. Also, the student's parent/guardian must give verbal permission to the associate principal or house assistant.

My child will not be in school today, or will be getting dismissed - whom do I notify? 
Call or leave a message with your child's house office if he/she will not be in school preferably before the start of the school day. A call or a note will suffice for a dismissal.

My child will be arriving late to school from an appointment what is the procedure? 
Once the tardy phone call has been placed to your child's house office, the student must check in with the house assistant upon arrival.

My child does not know that he/she needs to be dismissed today - whom do I notify? 
Please call your child's house office assistant ASAP so that she can leave a message in your child's mailbox. If your child has a cell phone, it is often effective to send a text message to share the dismissal information.

My child is not feeling well and wants to come home, what is the procedure? 
The school nurse will determine if your child needs to go home, and a visit to her office is required to avoid a cut. Arrangements can be made with the nurse for appropriate pick up.

How do I know if school is cancelled for any reason? 
School cancellations are announced on the main phone number, posted on the web site and announced on all major news channels. Cancellations may also be received via email and cell phone text notification. For more information visit http://boston.cbslocal.com/closings/.

How do I contact my child during the school day? 
Unless it is an emergency, our policy is not to interrupt classes at any time.

My child forgot his/her lunch, money, homework, medicine, sports equipment, etc., what should I do? 
Prearrange with your child that they should check the main office or their house office for items that you will be dropping off.

My child lost their eyeglasses, wallet, book, etc. Is there a lost and found? 
Valuable items such as wallets, cell phones and jewelry are kept in the main office. Lost and found for clothing is located in the wellness area outside the fitness center near the Athletic Director's office in building B.

My child has an injury that prevents him/her from using the stairs; can he/she use the elevator?
Elevator passes are granted in the nurse's office, a note from the parent and the physician may be required.

How do I email my child's teachers? 
All staff email address at L-S are firstname_lastname@lsrhs.net.  Use the Staff Directory to search for the faculty member you wish to contact.

Who do I contact for Free/Reduced Lunch?
The Superintendent's Assistant, Francy Zingale, at ext. 2370.

My child missed the school bus, is it an excused absence?
No, it is every student's responsibility to get to school.

My family is taking a vacation and my child will miss several days of school. Will his/her teachers provide them with the work that they missed when they were out? 
An extended vacation is not a legitimate reason for missing school. Teachers are not required to help students make up work missed during this period.