School Committee Members

Ellen Joachim Chair Sudbury
Carole Kasper Vice Chair Lincoln
Cara Endyke Doran Member Sudbury
Kevin Matthews Member Sudbury
Candace Miller Member Sudbury
Patty Mostue Member Lincoln

School Committee Members may be contacted via email at:

Subcommittee Assignments 2019-2020 -- TBD

Subcommittees Members
Finance Subcommittee
Strategic Planning Subcommittee
Policy Subcommittee
Supt/Principal and Faculty Evaluation Subcommittee
Health Insurance Subcommittee
Negotiations Subcommittee
Educational Technology Subcommittee
LS School Start Time Subcommittee

Liaisons 2019-2020 -- TBD

Liaison Member(s)
Sudbury and Lincoln FinComs
CIAC (Capital Improvement Advisory Committee), Sudbury
CapCom (Capital Committee), Lincoln
EDCO Collaborative
MASC (Massachuseets Association of School Committees)
MARS (Massachuseets Association of Regional Schools)
Sudbury K-8
Lincoln K-8
Board of Selectmen, Sudbury
Board of Selectmen, Lincoln
Council on Aging, Sudbury
Council on Aging, Lincoln
Parks and Recreation, Sudbury
Parks and Recreation, Lincoln
NEASC Accreditation

LS School Committee Representatives 2019-2020 -- TBD

Representatives Member(s)
LS OPEB Trustees Ellen Joachim, Kevin Matthews, Carole Kasper
Buildings/Capital Planning/Facilities Use
Health and Safety Representative
Wellness Policy Council

Sudbury Town Committees 2018-2019 -- TBD

Town Committee Members
Strategic Capital Planning Committee
Budget Strategies Task Force