ACE Program

ACE Program

ACE is an alternative program with a mix of students with and without IEPs. The ACE Program aims to provide students with a safe and nurturing student-centered environment so they are better able to acquire the necessary academic, social, and emotional skill sets that will help them to successfully access the mainstream environment and to be able to seamlessly transition beyond the ACE Program. Students in the ACE Program benefit from a small student-to-staff ratio, one-to-one mentoring, access to clinical supports and counseling groups, academic support in a small group setting with organizational and study skills instruction, and small English and History classes.

ACE is an on-site program at Lincoln-Sudbury Regional High School for students who have had difficulty succeeding in school in spite of good academic ability. In addition to an academic focus, ACE offers on-going personal support and monitoring for students.

Students entering ACE make a commitment to work toward improving the direction of their school experience. They agree to accept close supervision and support with specific academic and behavioral expectations set forth in the ACE regulations. Each student in ACE has an advisor who meets with him/her on a weekly basis to discuss goals, issues and progress.

Students in ACE take college preparatory courses both in ACE and in the mainstream. Study skills development and tutoring are available. Individualized academic programs are built for each student to take best advantage of his/her strengths.

The Director of the ACE Program is Martha Wall.