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Within each House at Lincoln-Sudbury, two school counselors provide academic and emotional support to students throughout their four years, culminating with guidance on the college admissions process, post-secondary education, as well as other post-secondary options. Each counselor monitors the academic progress of approximately 200 students. School counselors communicate frequently with parents and coordinate efforts to support their students who are experiencing emotional crises or lack of success in school.

In additional to the traditional school counselors, a limited number of clinical counselors provide therapeutic supports for the considerable number of students who experience emotional distress interfering with their ability to make progress in school or who are returning from therapeutic hospitalizations and require emotional support. Clinical counselors provide psychological services as required for some special education students in their IEP’s, as well as individual counseling for general education students in crisis when referred by the school guidance counselor.

Current Important Information:


Class of 2020, the following presentation was shared at the mandatory senior class meeting on September 11, 2019: Senior Class Seminar.

Students will need the Counselor Application Notification Form to officially request personal information to be sent to colleges.

Other items in mind:

Graduation requirements – Over the summer, you received an email from Ms. Blake regarding graduation requirements. Please consult your "Graduation Summary" on Aspen to ensure your schedule has all the required coursework necessary for graduation.
Transcript review – While you’re on Aspen, you’ll want to check your grades to make sure there are no errors before we start sending it to colleges. This is also a good time to update your community service paperwork, if you haven’t already done so.
Course schedule – If you have any questions/concerns regarding your course schedule, please visit the Schedule Information Page on the LS website or contact your school counselor.
Counselor statement – As you know, your counselor will be writing your counselor statement for college. In order to write a personalized statement, we require you to submit a few items. If you haven’t already, please complete the following three items: Junior Questionnaire, Parent/Guardian Questionnaire, and a Résumé.


Class of 2021, as you prepare for Junior Seminars, which will begin the week after February vacation, please reference the following two resources as you navigate the post-secondary planning process:

Post-Secondary Planning Guide
College Admissions Seminar Presentation


Class of 2022, we hope you have a fun, rejuvenating, and productive summer. If you have any questions/concerns regarding your course schedule, please visit the Schedule Information Page on the LS website or contact your schoolcounselor at the end of summer.


Class of 2023, we hope you enjoyed your First Adventure Program and meeting with your school and clinical counselors. Please check your mailboxes and emails for information on your next seminar meeting date and time. Feel free to check in with your school counselor if you have any questions regarding your schedule. You can also visit the Schedule Information Page on the LS website for more information.

Recent News

- The Counseling Department will continue using Naviance, a web-based service designed especially for students. This year, we will be using it with the Class of 2020 to send college application materials. The Class of 2021 will use its features as a tool for post-secondary planning purposes, and the class of 2022 will be introduced to its career exploration features during the second semester.

- The Counseling Department will continue to improve our new website. We appreciate your patience as it is still a work in progress and information will continue to be updated throughout the year. If you have any comments or feedback, please contact: