Course Selection

Computer Science Course Info 2021-2022

This document shows the courses we are offering next year, with short descriptions.

This video shows an overview of the CS courses available at Lincoln Sudbury

Last year, the Computer Science Department planned to give a presentation to 9th grade Math classes to inform students about our course offerings, but we were interrupted by our school closure.  So we made this short video instead.

AP computer science is an introductory course, meaning you can take the class with or without outside experience. The more experience you have the more in-depth you can go with each project, however, I came into APCS with no outside experience and it is accomplishable. It was difficult at first but you catch on quickly because of all the help available between teachers and other students. Some things to know about the class are that it is self-driven, you are given assignments that are to be completed at your own pace, and there is a very limited amount of homework and quizzes. There are so many fun projects throughout the year, my favorite being Personality. In Personality, I made a quiz (similar to a Buzzfeed quiz) and after a series of questions, it tells you what season you were born in. I highly recommend taking the class, I did not think I was going to learn as much as I have while also having fun! 

- Lexi, 10th grade